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Hotel Milo Santa Barbara

For no-thrills deliciousness we love the Burger Bus.  This Santa Barbara food truck serves hormone-free grass-fed burgers and has been in business since May 2009. Loyal patrons claim it’s the best burger they’ve ever had and our favorite, hands down, is the CB&J. One cannot go wrong with this Santa Barbara staple, served on soft ciabatta bread and with house made pickle and onion chips.

Stefani C.

We had The Burger Bus cater my husband’s 50th birthday for 130 guests. They MADE the party!!! Not only was the food amazing, but the ambience of the bus was the novelty at the party! The guests LOVED IT. The owners, Cheryl and Michael, were incredibly accommodating from start to finish, and they bent over backwards to make us happy! They also provided delicious cole slaw and mac n cheese, which the guests LOVED. They are VERY reasonably priced, too! I would recommend them to cater a party ANY DAY!!! You will not get a better deal in town! The Bus is like added entertainment at the party…WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!! WE LOVE THE BURGER BUS!!!


Go there, get the falafel burger, and enjoy!! The falafel was moist and had caramelized onions, lettuce, and juicy tomato on a brioche bun. Perfect combination and size. I ate half and had the other piece for dinner. The owners were very nice and very funny. Seems like a happy bunch of people. I will definitely eat there again!

Lauren W.

I have gotten food from the Burger Bus several times and have never once been disappointed. My husband and I recently had the pleasure of having them cater our wedding and they did an absolutely fantastic job. They added little details to make our wedding feel special and the guests loved them. They were easy to contact both before and after the wedding and of course arrived on time and served food according to our guidelines and instructions. The food came out hot and fresh and everyone loved it. I would recommend the Burger Bus both for catering and just to grab a bite around town. Their food is wonderful and I wish them great success.

Jeffery J.

It’s great to see that this business keeps everything local, and their meat is grass fed and hormone free.

As a heads up, to enjoy what this place is all about be prepared to spend about $11 for the full experience. (A burger and one of their delectable sides). But it’s great bang for the buck, you’ll be STUFFED if you can finish it all.

The CB&J is fantastically delicious and unique. While the burger itself is admittedly a little unwieldy, the combination of their chosen bread, meat, cheese, and jalapeño jelly is very special. Not like anything I’ve ever tried before.

The Pickle Chips and Onion Rings were a little on the oily side, but there’s a subtle hint of seasoning in the batter that make them curiously interesting and addicting.

Because it’s a mobile food experience, I’d recommend taking it home and pairing it with a nice cold beer.

Christina R.

The Burger Bus is hands-down consistently serving the best burgers ever. Their combinations range from classic to creative, and hit the spot every time. The meat is juicy, perfectly cooked, and adorned divinely on soft, fresh bread. I appreciate the enthusiastic, friendly service from this family business, and the fact that they source all of their ingredients locally. We like to order up a patty for our bulldog and reward the whole family with good ingredients and good eats:)

Cheng K.


Habanero Jelly on cheeseburger. (CB&J) – It’s like there’s a party in yo’ mouth, and everyone is invited.

Ryan W.

         The CB&J and its creators are very real, as are their sweet potato fries and even sweeter


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